Jumat, 14 September 2012


Dear Lee Soo Yeon,

Hello! How are you? I hope you are doing great. I was thrilled to see you in the my English book  under the pen-pal section. You are exactly the kind of friend I have been looking for! 

My name is Berlianita Putri Irani. You can call me Berli. I live in a town called Palembang in South Sumatera, Indonesia with my family. I am a female and I am almost fifteenth years old. I am about 1,57 meters tall and weigh about 48 kilograms. I have black eyes and brown skin. I wear a  veil. I am the first child of my family. I have a younger sister and a younger brother. They are very naughty sometimes. But anyway I still love them. My father is a architect and my mother is a trader. She opened a boutique at home and selling various kinds of accessories, clothing, bags, wallets, and etc. I often help my mother in the boutique, especially during the feast of Idul Fitri yesterday. I  love music especially Korean music like Memories by Super Junior, It Has To Be You by Yesung (Super Junior), and Dreaming by Kim Soo Hyun. Have you ever heard this songs? Watching Korean drama is one of the things that I really enjoy. Many Korean dramas famous in Indonesia like Dream High, The Moon That Embraces The Sun, and 49 Days.  This Korean dramas are also popular in South Korea? 

My school is close to my house. It’s less than a mile away. I was accepted at Senior High School Number Six. I am very pleased to school here because besides the best school in my town, Senior High School Number Six also excels in the field of faith and piety. Here are taught about the religion of Islam. I am very grateful to be accepted in this school. My favorite subjects are Art and Culture because I want to know the cultures that exist in Indonesia and foreign cultures. In the Art and Culture class, we can watched together, like yesterday we were watching a movie called ‘The Best Teacher’.

Palembang is the capital city of the South Sumatra province in Indonesia. Palembang is one of the oldest cities in Indonesia, and has a history of being a capital of a Maritime Empire. Located on the Musi River banks on the east coast of southern Sumatra island. Palembang is the second-largest city in Sumatra after Medan and the seventh-largest city in Indonesia. The city has hosted the 26th edition of Southeast Asian Games on 11 to 22 November 2011 along with Jakarta. Punti Kayu Tourism Forest is one of the recreation in Palembang, a tourist jungle city located about 6 miles from the city center with an area of ​​50 ha and since 1998 designated as protected forests. In this forest there is a family recreation area and a local shelter a group of monkeys: long-tail macaque (Macaca fascicularis) and monkey (Macaca nemistriana).

I am so glad to add you to my pen-pal friends. I deliberately chose you as my pen pal because you live in South Korea. Besides Indonesian, I really admire a country known for its ginseng especially music, drama, actor and actress. Can you write about them? I'm very happy if you can write it down for me.
Well, it was nice writing to you. I hope you can write and tell me about yourself and your country. I can’t wait to receive your letter and look forward to reading your responses to my questions.



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