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Jaka Tarub

Narrator                     : “Once upon a time, there was a young man named Jaka Tarub. Jaka Tarub was very handsome man. He lived in the middle of forest with his mother, Randa Dhadapan. One day, Randa Dhadapan was sick, so Jaka Tarub must look for the medicine to the forest. On the way, he heard beautiful voices from the lake, then he came closer and closer to the source. And he hide behind the trees, and he was very surprise, when he  found six beautiful girls on the lake.”

Jaka Tarub                   : “Oh my God, am I dreaming ? I hope, one of them will be mine.” 
Narrator                     : “Then Jaka Tarub, stole a red shawl. Then he put it on his little bag. A few moments later.”
Nawang Putri              : “My sisters, I think, we must go home now !”
Nawang Arum             : “But, it’s too fast !”
Nawang Lintang          : “Yeah ! I love to play here ! And I feel at home.”
Nawang Ningrum        : “Yeah ! Me too !"
Nawang Putri              : “But father said that we must stay home before twilight, and he was     very worried about Nawang Wulan.”
Nawang Sekar             : “Oh my God ! He loves her much more than us !”
Nawang Arum             : “If it’s true, I wanna change my destiny.”
Narrator                     : “Then, they were get ready.” 
Nawang Wulan           : “Sister, wait me a minute !”
Nawang Ningrum        : “What do we wait ?”
Nawang Wulan           : “My shawl, I place it here.”
Nawang Arum             : “What’s going on Nawang Wulan ?”
Nawang Wulan           : “Sister, my shawl is lost !”
Nawang Putri              : “What do you say ?”
Nawang Sekar             : “Maybe, you forget to place it ?”
Nawang Wulan           : “No ! I put it here, besides Nawang Arum’s shawl !”
Nawang Arum             : “Oh, really ? I never look your shawl besides my shawl, Darling.”
Nawang Ningrum        : “You lost it ? How do you come back ?”
Narrator                     : “Nawang Wulan must be calm down. She was crying.”
Nawang Lintang          : “Sister ! Look ! We must back home !”
Nawang Sekar             : “How about Nawang Wulan ?”
Nawang Putri              : “Nawang Wulan ! I am really disappointed of you ! I have no choice ! We must leave you here !”
Nawang Wulan           : “But !! Sister !! Wait me !!”
Narrator                     : “Nawang Asri said nothing, she starts to fly together with her four younger sisters. Nawang Wulan moved into a big stone. Over there, she was crying. Jaka Tarub then came out from his hiding place and greets her.”
Jaka Tarub                   : “Hei ! Who are you ?”
Narrator                     : “Then Nawang Wulan turns on her head.”
Nawang Wulan           : “Who are you ?”
Jaka Tarub                   : “Let me introduce my self, I am Jaka Tarub, who are you ?”
Nawang Wulan           : “I am Nawang Wulan.”
Jaka Tarub                   : “What are you doing here ? And why did you cry ?”
Nawang Wulan           : “Maybe, I must tell you from the first. Jaka Tarub, actually I am an angle, I am from the sky emperor. My father is a king, he was very wise and nice. If you know, after the rain fall, I am and my 5 older sisters always play here. And, today, they left me alone here.”
Jaka Tarub                   : “They were so bad to you !”
Nawang Wulan           : “No ! You are wrong ! That is my fault, I lost my shawl !”
Narrator                     : “And once again she was crying.”
Jaka Tarub                   : “Nawang Wulan,would you  stay at my house till you find your shawl?”
Nawang Wulan           : “You are very nice, I would.”
Narrator                     : “Finally, Nawang Wulan went to Jaka Tarub’s house, and stayed there till her shawl is found. Meanwhile, in the sky emperor.”
Nawang Ningrum        : “Father, we are really sorry about Nawang Wulan.”
The king                      : “What do you say !? Where is she now ?!!”
Nawang Arum             : “She lost her shawl, and we couldn’t  wait her …”
The king                      : “Why Nawang Asri ? Why ?!!”
Nawang Lintang          : “Cause we felt jealous with her, you love her too much !”
Nawang Sekar             : “What do you say Nawang Lintang ?”
The king                      : “I never ask you question Nawang Lintang !! Leave me alone !!”
Nawang Putri              : “But father, I am really sorry, I can’t come back with  her here..”
The king                      : “I say LEAVE ME ALONE !!!”
Narrator                     : “Then Nawang Asri went to her bed. Meanwhile, Jaka Tarub and Nawang Wulan.”
Jaka Tarub                   : “Welcome to my house, Nawang Wulan.”
Nawang Wulan           : “Thanks for your help, I think it’s not so bad.”
Jaka Tarub                   : “But,Nawang Wulan, I’m really sorry, cause my house is very bad.”
Nawang Wulan           : “No Jaka, I think it is very beautiful with the scenery, I feel at home.”
Narrator                     : “Finally, Jaka Tarub and Nawang Wulan were married. Years were passing by and Nawang Wulan gave a birth. Their baby is a beautiful girl, they named the baby  Nawang Sari. One day, when Nawang Wulan cooked, their rice was used up. And she tried to look for it, inside the jar, then she felt surprised cause she found her shawl inside it.”
Nawang Wulan           : “Jaka Tarub ! What is it ??!! What are you doing with my shawl?” 
Narrator                     : “But, Jaka Tarub can’t answer it.”
Nawang Wulan           : “Answer my question !”
Jaka Tarub                   : “Please forgive me Nawang Wulan, it’s not what I mean….”
Narrator                     : “Nawang Wulan was crying and big storm appeared between them.”
Nawang Wulan           : “I’m sorry Jaka, but I must back to my palace.”
Jaka Tarub                   : “No ! Don’t leave me, how about Nawang Sari ? our baby?”
Nawang Wulan           : “I’m so sorry Jaka, but I must leave you with Nawang Sari, I have to long to leave my palace, and now I must come back to my palace.”
Narrator                     : “Then Nawang Wulan  flew away.”

In the palace
Nawang Wulan           : “What happened here???”
Nawang Ningrum        : “Nawang wulan ..!!!!”
Nawang Wulan           : “Sister,what happened here???”
Nawang Sekar             : “Indrajaya and Guruminda, they attack our palace.”
Nawang Wulan           : “Where is father ?”
Nawang Arum             : “They cast him to the earth.”
Nawang Wulan           : “What  can we do ?”
Nawang Putri              : “Save your life, and call someone in the earth to help us.”
Nawang wulan            : “But ?”
Nawang Ningrum        : “Now Nawang Wulan !!”
Narrator                     : “Then Nawang Wulan came back to the earth to look for some helps. And The king  arrived in the earth. He didn’t know the way. Fortunately, he found Jaka Tarub.”
The king                      : “Hey ! young man !”
Jaka Tarub                   : “Yes sir !”
The king                      : “Where is it now ?”
Jaka Tarub                   : “Of course, it is earth. Sir, who are you ? and where do you come from ?”
The king                      : “You never know who am I ?”
Jaka Tarub                   : “No.”
The king                      : “Well, I am a king in the sky emperor. But now, my palace is under fire, and they cast me to the earth.”
Jaka Tarub                   : “Nawang Wulan ?! Father !”
The king                      : “What do you say ?”
Jaka Tarub                   : “I am sorry my king, I stole Nawang Wulan’s shawl and hide it, that is why she can’t go home.”
The king                      : “What ?”
Jaka Tarub                   : “I am really sorry father.”
The king                      : “Where is Nawang Wulan ?”
Jaka Tarub                   : “She came back to her palace, and she just leave me and our baby.”
The king                      : “Baby ? Nawang Wulan has a baby ?”
Jaka Tarub                   : “Yes, I am sorry sir.”
The king                      : “Where is the baby now ? can I see the baby ?”
Jaka Tarub                   : “Yes, you can.”
Narrator                     : “Then they went to Nawang Sari’s bedroom. And the king was very happy to see his grand children.”
The king                      : “Who is she ? she is very beautiful.”
Jaka Tarub                   : “She is Nawang Sari.”
Narrator                     : “And, suddenly.”
Nawang Wulan           : “Jaka ! Jaka Tarub !! Where are you ? I need your help !!”
Jaka Tarub and the king : “Nawang Wulan ?”
Narrator                     : “Then they came out.”
The king                      : “My daughter ?”
Nawang Wulan           : “Father ??”
The king                      : “What are you doing here ?”
Nawang Wulan           : “Nawang Putri asked me to look for some helps. And here, I wanna call Jaka to go to our palace and save it.”
Jaka Tarub                   : “Me ?”
Nawang Wulan           : “Yes Jaka, I am really sorry. Would you ?”
Jaka Tarub                   : “But, Nawang Sari ?”
Nawang Wulan           : “This is for her, please help us.”
Jaka Tarub                   : “Of course I will help you and your palace.”
Narrator                     : “Then Jaka Tarub war with Guruminda and Indrajaya. Finally, Guruminda and Indrajaya dead in that war. After that war, Nawang Wulan’s father gave permission to Nawang Wulan and Jaka Tarub relationship and they lived happily in earth.”

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