Minggu, 16 September 2012


you come and my heart beat faster
You flew me
I thought there is no vibration there
See you at the first
my eyes can not be separated from you
note any're acting
laughed at every joke you
See you at the first

that song can describe my feelings at this time

I knew it was all like a crazy person, like a stupid people, and people who do not know themselves.

When he follow back my twitter, at that moment I felt very happy, especially when he and I met, even if only for a few seconds but I felt uncomfortable and unpalatable. and most make me surprised, when home from school, he passed in front of my house.

However, unfortunately he was reserved and very shy. He also ignored. he often reply mention with a girl, maybe his girl friend in junior high school, but obviously I feel jealous. He also often throw my eyes.  

Every night I also always to fantasize about him, hoping it was a dream and a fantasy dream will become a reality.


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