Sabtu, 17 November 2012

Kiki and Kiku

                Once upon a time, there lived two little birds in a branch of a tree.  Their names were Kiki and Kiku. They were friends but they had different characters.
                Complication (1)
                Kiki always woke up before sunrise. He always jumped from one branch to another branch, flew over the trees, and sang. Kiki felt very happy if he could see the sunrise. "Good morning, dearest Sun," greeted Kiki friendly. "Good morning, Kiki! Ho, ho, ho this morning you wake up earlier than me again," answered the Sun. Kiki and the sun chatted every day. Otherwise with Kiku. He never woke up when the sun was not above the treetops. Because slept too long and rarely exercised, Kiku often sick. Kiki was annoying by the laziness Kiku because he could not straighten his bed in the morning.
                Complication (2)
                Kiki was looking for a reason so Kiku could wake up early again. "Kiku, have you ever eat worms?" Kiki asked one day. "Not yet, how does it feel?" Kiku was interested. "Never eat worms? Then do not call yourself a bird. Each bird must have been eating real worms every morning, " said Kiki. "Kiki, I want to go to look worms," said Kiku curious. "You know where is you can find worms?" Sneered Kiki. "I do not know, " said Kiku sad.  "Hm.. I want to tell as long as you want to wake up early tomorrow. " said Kiki "Ok, All right!, " said Kiku.
                Resulation (1)
                The next day as usual, Kiku woke up before sunrise. Kiki struggled to woke Kiku. Because sleepy, Kiku often closed his eyes. "Look Kiku! Mrs. Chicken was pawing the ground! There are many worms! Do you want to eat? " said Kiki. Immediately Kiku walked while dozing. "Petok. petook! Come on Kiki, invite your friends to breakfast together, " said Mrs. Chicken. Finally, they had breakfast with joy.
                Resulation (2)
                "Kiki, I have eaten worms. So I was a real bird, " said Kiku. "But the real bird is always wake up before the sunrise," said Kiki. "I will wake up early from now because I feel my body is very healthy," said Kiku. "From now we can work together in the morning," said Kiki. "Of course! Kiki, let’s fly. One, two, three!" said Kiku. Kiki and Kiku were streaking into the air. They flew merrily among the tree branches.

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